Norris Celebrates Second Place in Singapore

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Norris Celebrates Second Place in Singapore
Norris Celebrates Second Place in Singapore © Getty Images Sport/Clive Mason

Lando Norris took the spotlight, celebrating his second-place finish. With gratitude, Norris acknowledged the invaluable assistance of his former teammate, Carlos Sainz. Yet amidst the joy, there was also a tinge of sympathy for George Russell, whose race ended prematurely.

A Dynamic Turn of Events: From Fourth to Second

Beginning the race from the fourth spot, Norris faced immediate challenges. The ever-dynamic Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes briefly snatched a position from him. However, in a show of sportsmanship, Hamilton returned the spot to Norris after going off track at Turn 1.

With the podium in sight, Norris was relentless. An unexpected turn occurred when Logan Sargeant's Williams crashed into the Marina Bay barriers, triggering a Safety Car. This allowed Norris to swiftly bypass Ferrari's prodigy, Charles Leclerc.

Demonstrating unparalleled skill, Norris then maneuvered past both Red Bulls - driven by Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen - at the restart, securing his third-place position. With assistance from Carlos, Norris said, “Carlos was very generous trying to help me get DRS, help my race.

We did everything we needed to do and more, so super happy”.

Russell’s Heartbreak and Norris's Sympathy

However, as one driver celebrated, another faced heartbreak. Russell, eyeing a win or at least a podium position, met a dire fate on the last lap.

On entry to Turn 10, he clipped the wall, propelling him straight into the barriers. It's a place all too familiar to Norris. Reflecting on the incident, Norris shared, “I hit the wall the same lap, the last lap, the same place”.

Offering words of empathy, he added, “I did the same, so I think he copied me and just did it even worse! No, I feel for him; he was probably one of the quickest out there… he was the quickest today”. Despite the challenges, the race had moments of relief.

Norris remarked, “So, it helped me a bit the last couple of corners, I could chill just a little bit more”. He also recognized his colleagues, emphasizing the collective effort of the race. “Everyone, Carlos, Charles, Lewis, and George, we all pushed each other the whole way. It was stressful but it paid off."

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