Ted DiBiase on the worst injury of his career


Ted DiBiase on the worst injury of his career
Ted DiBiase on the worst injury of his career © Jason Merritt / Getty Images Entertainment

In the "Everybody's Got a Pod" podcast, Ted DiBiase talked about his career and the injuries he suffered. DiBiase recalled his biggest injury. “I’ve never broken a bone, you know, or anything of that nature. I think one time I did a spot where I had a guy in a turnbuckle, and I said, I’m going to turnbuckle you in charge, you know, like I’m coming, coming down with my shoulder into you.

And I said, You and you get out of the way. Well, what I normally would do is I would go all the way through and take the shot on my shoulder with the idea of being moved, and now I hit my shoulder on the ring post, and now I’m selling my arm.

Yeah, well, I was just a little bit off and ding. Oh. And I got this tooth right here. Well, yeah, I broke it in half. Oh, God. Look like. Looks like playing for a while. But anyway, for me and most guys, this is not a single injury, but it’s something that developed over time.

I wrestled. I physically wrestled for almost 20 years."

DiBiase went to doctor

DiBiase remembered the immense pain he had, and knew he had to go to the doctor. He was surprised! "And that’s when you understand the nature of wrestling.

I started feeling this, you know, this pain. And it was generating like down my shoulder and into the back of my arm. And I couldn’t figure out what it was. So when I went to the doctor, they did an MRI on my neck, and I had herniated discs between C5 and C6.

Okay. They had to take that out. And back then, they replaced it with a chip from your form, bone, and hip. And now they replace it with something else. But back then, they still replaced it with a chip from your hip, and that was it, and there are several guys, I think, Jake, Jake’s had this same thing done.

Yes. I spent a lot of guys because that’s the thing that is like the basic bump we take. And that’s what the doctor told me. He says you take your basic bump from your feet to your back. You land flat; you keep your head tucked so you don’t knock yourself out.

But all that weight is falling the most. Most of it is across the top of your shoulders and the back of your neck. And so night after night and then eventually it herniated that disc, and the rest is history”.