The Alonso Factor: How the Two-Time Champion is Shaping Aston Martin's Destiny


The Alonso Factor: How the Two-Time Champion is Shaping Aston Martin's Destiny
The Alonso Factor: How the Two-Time Champion is Shaping Aston Martin's Destiny © Getty Images Sport/Clive Mason

Fernando Alonso, the two-time world champion, gives fans reason to be optimistic about Aston Martin's prospects in the final leg of the 2023 F1 championship.

Climbing the Championship Ladder

Starting the year neck and neck with Red Bull, Aston Martin seemed destined to be a front-runner.

However, the tide has somewhat shifted as the year progressed. Mercedes and Ferrari, with their relentless pursuit, have now outpaced the British racing team. As the standings reveal, Mercedes, the famed Silver Arrows, boasts a lead of 84 points in P2, while Ferrari, the third-placed Scuderia, is comfortably ahead by 64 points.

While Alonso finished at P8 at the iconic Suzuka Circuit, the Spanish driver believes there's more in the tank. He reflected, “I think today we had a little bit more than the result shows. P6 and definitely P7 was achievable." He further hinted at the intense efforts back at the factory to introduce new parts before the season winds down, with a hopeful note, "Let's see what we can bring”.

Alonso's enthusiasm was evident as he recalled his remarkable race day, climbing four places at the outset. He said, "It was a good race. I think a mega start, up to P6, then we had good pace in the race." However, a pitstop strategy, which Alonso feels was prematurely executed, may have impacted the final results.

But as he concluded, the fun of racing and the unexpected pace of the car were the highlights of his day.

Challenges on the Track

But it wasn’t all rosy for the Aston Martin team. Lance Stroll, Alonso’s teammate, encountered quite the challenge.

Despite an unfortunate Q1 elimination that placed him 17th, Stroll showcased his skill by advancing five places in the race's opening lap. However, a rear wing malfunction curtailed his race. A somber Stroll remarked, “My race was ended by a rear wing failure today." Yet, the resilient driver took it in stride, acknowledging the unpredictability of racing and the hope for better outcomes in the upcoming Qatar Grand Prix.

As the 2023 season heads to its climax, all eyes will be on Aston Martin. Will their hard work and perseverance translate into success on the track? Only time will tell.

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