Anthony Davis: A New 3-Point Threat for the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers, a team that's historically boasted powerful inside players

by Faruk Imamovic
Anthony Davis: A New 3-Point Threat for the Lakers
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The Los Angeles Lakers, a team that's historically boasted powerful inside players, may soon witness a shift in their gameplay strategy this season, and Anthony Davis is at the heart of that transformation. Head coach Darvin Ham's recent statements suggest that he envisions Davis not just as the team's linchpin in the paint but also as a significant threat from beyond the arc.

Ham's Challenge to Davis

Darvin Ham seems keen on pushing the boundaries of what Davis can achieve on the court. "I want him, if he can -- I know he won't do it, but maybe he'll shock me -- but I've requested to see six 3-point attempts a game," Ham revealed after a recent practice.

"Three per half, at least. I wouldn't put that on him if I didn't think he was capable." The numbers from the past season, where Davis hit 25.7% from 3 during the regular season and 33.3% in the playoffs, do leave room for improvement.

To address this, Davis trained with assistant coach Chris Jent during the offseason, focusing specifically on his 3-point shooting. Asked about this development at the Lakers' annual media day, Davis said, "Just getting back to being a threat at all three levels.

Not sure where it's at until we get into practices and games. Anybody can shoot in workouts and make shots when there's no pressure on them."

A New Lakers' Playbook?

With the league increasingly favoring long-range shooters and teams designing strategies around the 3-point line, the Lakers' recent preseason performance offers a hint of their evolving game plan.

Recording 35-for-93 (37.6%) from beyond the arc over two games, it's evident that the team is focusing more on their outside game. Commenting on this shift, Davis said after the Brooklyn game, "Obviously, it's been a point of emphasis and the way the league has shifted, a lot of 3s.

But they all came in rhythm... We just want to be confident in our shots and let it fly." As the regular season opener against the defending champion Denver Nuggets looms on Oct. 24, coach Ham's confidence in Davis's ability to deliver from deep is unwavering.

"That's something that he's worked on -- being a more consistent shooter and not just more consistent in his [normal] areas but consistent from deep range," said Ham. "And not hesitating. Not overthinking it. So if he's got a good look, we've all encouraged him to put it up." This season promises to showcase a diversified Lakers' offensive playbook, and fans are eager to see how the Anthony Davis 3-point narrative unfolds.

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