Kevin Durant Reflects on His Time with the Warriors Ahead of Season Opener


Kevin Durant Reflects on His Time with the Warriors Ahead of Season Opener
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The Chase Center, the Golden State Warriors' new arena, has a unique connection to NBA superstar Kevin Durant. Before its construction, Durant, adorned in a white hard hat, had been at the site, shoveling dirt during the groundbreaking ceremony.

While he may have moved on from the Warriors by the time they clinched the NBA title in 2022 at the Chase Center, the memories from his time with the team remain vivid.

Return to The Chase Center

As the 2023-24 NBA season kicks off on Tuesday night, Durant, now the star forward for the Phoenix Suns, will face the Warriors and their legion of fans for the first time since his departure.

The reunion promises to be an emotional one, laden with memories of his impactful years with the Warriors. “I did have the dirt, have a shovel and some hardware to help build what went on in there now,” Durant mused in a conversation with Andscape on Oct.

15. “I might not have played there as a Warrior, but I had a hand in its foundation. We've all shed blood, sweat, tears in that arena. I prefer to remember the golden times”. Cherishing the Golden State Era Durant's gratitude for his time with the Warriors is evident.

“Winning a championship is tough, and going back-to-back is an even greater challenge,” he stated. “I've always recognized the significance of those moments and how they will be cherished forever”. His stint with the Warriors, which lasted three seasons, saw him average an impressive 25.8 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 5.4 assists per game.

Durant’s tenure culminated in 2019 when he made the decision to move to the Brooklyn Nets. When asked if he ever pondered on the "what ifs" had he remained with the Warriors, Durant was reflective. “I tend to reflect frequently.

It wasn't just about the games. It was a transformative period for me personally, understanding more and adapting to a new region of the country," he shared. “That era had its own unique events and challenges, from team members expanding their families to personal growth experiences.

Those times were profound. My hope now is to create more special moments with Phoenix”. As the NBA season unfolds, both Kevin Durant and basketball aficionados will watch keenly, cherishing the past while eagerly anticipating the future.

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