Jeff Jarrett on Nick Aldis' career direction

"You don’t always have to be on the field. But be around,be engaged, stay in the game"

by Sead Dedovic
Jeff Jarrett on Nick Aldis' career direction
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During the "My World with Jeff Jarrett" podcast, Jeff Jarrett talked about Nick Aldis and his career. Although at certain moments of his career, it seemed that things would not be ideal, Nick Aldis always came out stronger from everything.

“As far as, I’ll call it Nick’s in-ring career, he had pulled the weight of the NWA for quite a while at this time. And you know, had his ups and downs in Impact and Global Force, the short-lived, never got that sucker off the ground.

But I was a huge believer in him there. Timing is everything, is where I’m going with all this. But the old Randy Savage mentality that he told me a number of times in different lessons. And I’m glad that Randy a lot of times told me — not the same story, but kind of the same thread and mentality over and over and over.

And it was just like… his mentality was ‘Stay in the game.’". - he said.

Jeff Jarrett on Nick Aldis

Jarrett is happy for him but also impatient to see where his career will go. "You don’t always have to be on the field.

But be around, be engaged, stay in the game, and you kind of look at the situation. And that’s not that long ago [with Aldis]. 2018, I’m more thinking about producing and Nick is the NWA champion. And then he — again, just stayed around the game.

So I want to say publicly, I’m very, very happy for Nick. He looked great in that suit like he always does. I think there’s a lot of upside for both parties. I’ll just say that. Both sides have a lot of upside, and it’ll be one of those things.

I’m excited to see where his career goes from here, but very cool”.