Fernando Alonso on rumors that he will retire

"So you see it’s not very hard to motivate me once I’m inside the car"

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso on rumors that he will retire
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Fernando Alonso is a man who has achieved enormous success in his F1 career. Even though he is 42 years old, his love for F1 can hardly pass. Competing for Aston Martin this year, Alonso recalled his best days. The fact is that the second part of the season was not ideal for him, but despite everything, the Spaniard is certainly one of the greatest legends of this sport.

His retirement is a hot topic, and Alonso revealed in an interview with the media whether he plans to be part of the F1 scene for much longer; ‘I like being competitive, I like being fast and I hate to lose. So you see it’s not very hard to motivate me once I’m inside the car.

Maybe now I’m a bit weaker than when I was 20 years old, but when you age you know your body way better. You know which training to do, when you feel tired, what things to avoid, and that is how you make up for it. You make up for strength with wisdom.

For now no, [I am not thinking of retirement]. I know I’m in the closing side of my career, but for now, I don’t see it. I don’t have a date to put an end to my career.’

Fernando Alonso: We are not fighting for anything

The Spaniard is certainly disappointed with the second part of the season, but still, he doesn't want it to put pressure on him.

He is aware that he gave his best, he did not give up and the results will surely come. ‘Honestly, we are not fighting for anything. We will learn, even if we have to start from the pitlane, and you know that is more useful than just spending the weekend,’ Being ahead of some great names this season is a great thing for him and his team.

‘In the constructors’ championship, we are locked in in the position we are. In the driver’s championship, we will lose a couple of places. But I mean, it is incredible that we are in front of Ferraris, or George [Russell] or Lando [Norris] or whatever, but we will lose those positions.

They have a very fast car. And yet, let’s see what we can do.’ Source: Metro

Fernando Alonso