Logan Paul: Unfortunately, I have to punch Rey Mysterio in the face


Logan Paul: Unfortunately, I have to punch Rey Mysterio in the face
Logan Paul: Unfortunately, I have to punch Rey Mysterio in the face © Alex Bierens de Haan / Getty Images Sport

During his Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul discussed the wrestling sensation Rey Mysterio, stating that he's going for him with a specific focus. “I’m going for you bro, you’re looking at the future US Champ right here.

Unfortunately, I have to take it from Rey Mysterio, the legend, I have to punch him in the face a few times”. - Logan said. Logan Paul watched Mysterio as a boy and knows what a legend he is. However, Logan has enormous confidence and believes that he can win.

“It sucks. I love Rey Mysterio as a wrestler, and this is what I’ve been saying, I respect Rey, how can you not? He is one of the greatest, surely the greatest luchador of all time, he just has something I need”.

- he continued.

Rey Mysterio on Logan Paul

A few weeks ago, in an interview with "The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani", Rey had only words of praise for Logan Paul and the progress he made in a short period of time. "The buzz was a little standoffish and cold [toward Paul at first].

I think slowly … the more he was around, and the more we saw him taking this to heart, then we started to give that respect. And that’s how it is — you embrace, you know? People that walk in from another world into our sport … that happens in any sport.

But he has gained the respect of all of us. We see how much he appreciates [this industry] and the work he puts in to go out there and perform”. - Mysterio said. Dillon Danis' boxing victory was an opportunity for Logan Paul to call out Rey Mysterio.

“He had just won a fight, his octane level was at a peak, and he felt very comfortable. Now, the question is, will he be comfortable whenever we decide to make this match?”- Rey concluded.

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