Booker T credits himself for Cody Rhodes' WWE success


Booker T credits himself for Cody Rhodes' WWE success
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During his guest appearance on The Kurt Angle Show, Booker T talked about Cody Rhodes' rise. Booker T already noticed 12 years ago that Rhodes was a talented wrestler. He realized that he had to help him. “You know, I feel like I was a big part of Cody’s rise.

Like he owed me a check [laughs]. No, I saw something in Cody back then [working with him in 2011]. You know, when no one was really giving him a chance. I saw something in Cody Rhodes. That’s the only reason no one, no one came to me with that and said, ‘Hey, hey, look, you want to work?’ Cody did that.

That’s the first time I’ve ever asked to work with someone. That’s the first time in my whole career that I’ve ever asked to get in the ring and not just work with someone but put them over. "- Booker T said, as quoted by!

Booker T on Cody Rhodes

Booker T wanted Cody Rhodes to make a big career. Years later, Rhodes achieved his goal. "I said I would have put him over right in the middle. I’m looking at it. The lights. One, two, three. Because of his dad, I remember I was at one of the house shows, and I went out and I rocked it.

Then I came back through the curtain and dusty go. They won’t put you on first. I was like, ‘Yeah, man.’ I loved Dusty, me, and Goldie, I mean, we don’t get too much tighter than Goldie, and Cody is the same way.

Man. I just wanted to see that kid thrive because I saw his talent when he was with all those other guys. He just didn’t get to shine that Batista and Randy [Orton] and those guys got”.

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