Draymond Green's Bold Take on Suspension: 'No Regrets, Always Team First!'


Draymond Green's Bold Take on Suspension: 'No Regrets, Always Team First!'
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Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green, known for his fiery on-court persona, has expressed no regrets over the incident that led to his five-game suspension. His actions on November 14, which involved putting Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert in a headlock, were, in Green's view, a defense of his teammate Klay Thompson.

Speaking to reporters for the first time since his suspension, Green emphasized his commitment to his team and the people he cares about. "I don't live my life with regrets," Green said post-practice. "I'll come to a teammate's defense any time that I'm in a position to come to a teammate's defense...

What matters to me is how the people that I care about feel, first and foremost."

The Incident and Green's Philosophy

The incident occurred just 100 seconds into the game against the Timberwolves. It began with a scuffle between Jaden McDaniels and Thompson, leading to McDaniels ripping Thompson's jersey.

This altercation escalated when Green intervened with Gobert. While Green and Gobert have a history of interactions, Green did not confirm whether this played a part in his actions. Green's approach to such incidents is straightforward: "Right, wrong or indifferent, look to your side and I'll be there — or even in front of you.

" This philosophy underscores his unwavering commitment to his teammates, a trait that has defined much of his career.

The Aftermath and Team Dynamics

Following the NBA's announcement of Green's suspension, Warriors coach Steve Kerr described the actions as "inexcusable." Kerr, along with general manager Mike Dunleavy, has been working to support Green and help him navigate these challenges.

For Green, the key takeaway is finding a "better way" while remaining true to himself. "The consensus amongst all of us is that I'm going to be me no matter what. That's not going to change," he stated. NBA executive vice president Joe Dumars referenced Green's past incidents of unsportsmanlike conduct as a factor in the suspension decision.

Green acknowledged these past actions but stressed that he has paid for them, notably referring to his suspension in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. He questions whether each incident offers him a lesson, ultimately recognizing the need for his presence on the court for his team.