CM Punk's return and the potential influence of Vince McMahon

New details were unveiled by Dave Meltzer

by Sead Dedovic
CM Punk's return and the potential influence of Vince McMahon
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After the headline match at Saturday's Survivor Series premium live event, CM Punk made a comeback to WWE. Dave Meltzer solved the dilemmas of many who believed that Vince McMahon was the key person in the whole story. However, this is ultimately not true.

“He signed a multi-year deal. The deal came together about ten days ago. It was a secret from almost everyone. Paul Levesque [Triple H] said the TKO people found out by watching the TV, which I thought was ridiculous until I asked around and heard the exact same thing”.

- Meltzer said, as quoted by!
Nick Khan's call was decisive! “It was a Nick Khan call in the end. Vince had nothing to do with it. Paul Levesque obviously had a lot to do with it, and those were the two guys who were the point guys”.

Cody Rhodes' reaction

Cody Rhodes is one of those whose reaction is the most interesting to many. He believes that the decision of the head of WWE must be respected. If this means positive things for WWE, Rhodes has no problem with that.

“I don’t want to be short with my response, but it truly is this. If he can help with where we’re going and what we’re doing, absolutely. Welcome aboard. I have a feeling that the CM Punk that potentially we’re getting is hungry, and that’s the best.

That’s the best. When someone is hungry and someone wants it. That’s when it’s real. I’ll give kudos and flowers to Triple H and Nick Khan for getting that done. You can ask all the boys and girls until they are blue in the face, ‘How do you feel?’ You might get up, you might get down, you might have a wide range of emotions, but the first thing, always, is business.

We’re doing record business. It feels like everybody wants to be here. The more the merrier. If you can help, absolutely, come on board”.

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