Triple H explains why Jade Cargill still hasn't debuted


Triple H explains why Jade Cargill still hasn't debuted
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It's been two months since Jade Cargill signed with WWE. Many are wondering why she hasn't made her debut yet. During the Survivor Series post-show press conference, Triple H explained what the biggest problem was. It seems that Cargill is still not fully prepared and that she needs some time to show what is expected of her.

“I have no less belief in her now than I did then. It’s interesting, when she came in we talked about her development and where she would land. I want to make sure that no matter what is thrown at Jade Cargill, she’s ready.

And at no fault of her own, I think she was limited in that. So, the idea is we exposed her, we made her be seen, people are understanding and they are waiting and they are excited for her to come and when she does, it will be massive.

I don’t want a pitch to get thrown at her that she’s never seen before. I want no matter what that pitch is she’s going to crack that thing out of the park. You can just see it in her, that’s the presence she has, that’s the star she is.

I’m in no rush. When she says, ‘I’m ready,’ I’m ready”. -Triple H said, as quoted by!

Dave Meltzer reacts

Dave Meltzer reacted to Triple H's words. He feels that WWE has confidence in her.

Some time is necessary for her. Cargill has quality, everyone knows that. However, when you come to the company, you have to get used to everything around you. It takes some time to understand how they work. “He kind of made a knock about her training.

[WWE] gave her the big build-up, they brought her in and they don’t want her to sink. They want her to be ready for all things when they debut her”.

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