Lewis Hamilton Admits Doubt in F1’s Toughest Season Yet!


Lewis Hamilton Admits Doubt in F1’s Toughest Season Yet!
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Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, opened up about his struggles in the recent Formula One season, marking a rare moment of introspection for one of the sport's most successful drivers. As the Mercedes driver concludes a second successive season without a win, he shares insights into his self-doubt and the team's challenges.

A Season of Self-Reflection

In an interview Hamilton candidly discussed the moments of doubt that crept in during a challenging season. "When you have difficult seasons like this, there are always going to be moments when you're like: 'Is it me, or is it the car? Do you still have it? Has it gone?'," Hamilton revealed.

This level of self-questioning highlights the intense pressure and scrutiny faced by top athletes, even those with a record 103 wins under their belt. Hamilton's last victory dates back to December 2021 in Saudi Arabia, during a heated battle for the title against Red Bull's Max Verstappen.

The season culminated in controversy, with Verstappen clinching the title under contentious circumstances in Abu Dhabi. Since then, Verstappen and Red Bull have dominated the sport, with Verstappen securing a record 19 wins in the most recent season.

The Road Ahead for Hamilton and Mercedes

Reflecting on the team's performance, Hamilton acknowledged the early indicators of a tough year. "I knew it would be another tough year before it had even started when I tested the car and it felt no different," he said.

His comments about the car's performance at the season's outset in Bahrain, where he expressed concerns about Mercedes' direction, have been a point of contention throughout the year. Looking forward, Mercedes, which finished second overall this year, is set for a significant change in 2024.

Team boss Toto Wolff indicated that almost every component of the car is being reworked. Hamilton remains cautiously optimistic: "I do believe we have a North Star now, which I don't think we've had for two years. But still getting there is not a straight line." With a new contract extending to the end of 2025, Hamilton is poised to continue racing into his 40s.

His resilience and hope for the future, despite recent setbacks, underscore his status as a stalwart of Formula One racing.

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