Eric Bischoff on CM Punk's return: That isn’t a storyline

"There’s been this anticipation that’s been brewing since the minute he left AEW"

by Sead Dedovic
Eric Bischoff on CM Punk's return: That isn’t a storyline
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Eric Bischoff talked about interesting topics in his Strictly Business podcast. One of the topics was CM Punk's return to WWE. Bischoff thinks that the whole story of him leaving AEW and coming to WWE is special. The most important thing is that it was not a storyline, but reality.

“CM Punk showing up in WWE, clearly there’s what, a decade’s worth of story there? His role in WWE, the way he left, the Pipebomb Promo, which by the way, I found out subsequently was actually written for him, but the story is there.

There’s been this anticipation that’s been brewing since the minute he left AEW. ‘Oh is he gonna come back?’ ‘Yes he is.’ ‘No, he isn’t.’ The anticipation has been there, almost instantly.

It didn’t have to be created or manufactured. The reality is the authenticity of it all. All of the stuff that we’ve been reading about for 18 months with regard to Punk and AEW and the drama with The Elite, the press conference, that’s all real.

That isn’t a storyline. "- he said, as quoted by!

Eric Bischoff on CM Punk

Eric emphasized that WWE did a great job signing CM Punk. We will see how much CM Punk can offer at this moment. There are great expectations from him.

"These are all things that happened. It’s authentic. It’s not a manufactured story. So you’ve got great story, history, backstory. You’ve got anticipation that was built in from the moment the news broke that Punk was being let go.

The authenticity can’t be doubted. The surprise was pulled off perfectly, and now we have action coming up next. That’s the easy part of wrestling. The action is the easy part. The story’s the hard part. Creating anticipation is a challenge.

Keeping it real and authentic is also a big challenge, especially in the world of professional wrestling. Surprises are few and far between, authentic ones, ones that really catch people by surprise and you get the response that you hope for, which clearly happened at Survivor Series.

All that’s left now is where does he go? What’s the action like? I don’t think there’s any question we’re going to see great action. Especially because there’s a great story, and there’s a lot of anticipation for who he’s going to work with and what that storyline is gonna look like.

I think Punk coming in at Survivor Series knocked it completely out of the park, which indicates to me that this is going be a very, very successful, long-term financially successful decision, provided that the wheels don’t fall off because of personal issues”.

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