Eric Bischoff: Randy Orton, best in wrestling for 30 years


Eric Bischoff: Randy Orton, best in wrestling for 30 years
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The 83 Weeks podcast was an opportunity for Eric Bischoff to talk about Randy Orton and his career. He labeled Orton as the purest sports entertainer. Bischoff emphasized that Orton has surprised him many times in his career.

“I think Randy Orton is the purest sports entertainer, professional wrestler, whatever you choose, in the business in the last 30 years. Other than Shawn Michaels, is there anybody smoother than Randy Orton? You go back and watch any of his matches, go back to 2003 or 2005, whenever it was that he debuted in WWE…watch him closely in his matches.

His positioning is flawless. His timing is flawless. His execution is flawless. Forget about everything else that’s going on in the ring, and focus on nothing but his facials. What is doing with his face? What is he doing with his eyes? When he’s selling? When he’s on top, when he’s aggressive?"- he said, as quoted by!

Eric Bischoff on Randy Orton

Eric hopes that all wrestling fans will realize how good Orton is. He is happy to have the opportunity to watch him again. "He is the purest form of [a] professional wrestler that I think I’ve seen in the last 30 years.

He’s flawless. He is the wrestling definition of smooth. I’m so happy to see him back. I hope Randy rides this out for as long as Randy chooses to ride it out. I don’t think he needs the bread, he’s doing it out of passion.

I think he’s doing it to end his career on a high note, the way he wants to end it. I have tons of respect for anybody that puts themself in a position to end their careers the way they want to end them. Admirable quality in my book.

I’m just hoping for the best for Randy. I hope, however long this run is, whether it’s a month, two months, six months, a year, five years, whatever it is, I hope it ends exactly the way Randy wants it to end, and I hope people recognize Randy for the amazing talent that he is”.

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