Golden Bootprints: David Beckham's Boots Auction Breaks Records

Recently, sports collecting has become increasingly popular, and Novak Djokovic's racket with which he won the first Roland Garros was sold for over 100 thousand dollars

by Sededin Dedovic
Golden Bootprints: David Beckham's Boots Auction Breaks Records
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A historic piece of soccer memorabilia recently found a new home as David Beckham's golden boots, worn during his 100th England cap, went under the hammer for a whopping £17,360. At the auction, held at Graham Budd's in Wellingborough, the coveted boots achieved a price that highlighted the enduring legacy of the legendary soccerer.

These weren't just any boots. Worn during the European Championship match against France in Paris in 2008, they represent a turning point in Beckham's illustrious career. The golden hue added a layer of significance, symbolizing the grandeur of the occasion and further enhancing their value.

The boots got that price because of Beckham's global popularity

Auctioneer Adam Gascoigne recognized the unique appeal of the boots, attributing the high selling price to Beckham's immense popularity. "These boots were a one-off," he said, emphasizing their rarity and association with a significant achievement.

"To have something that marks such an important milestone for such an iconic England player makes them extra special." Adding to the sentimental value of the boots were the embroidered names of Beckham's three children at the time, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

This personal touch further cemented their bond with Beckham and his family, making them a truly unique piece of soccer history.

David Beckham Academy

Gascoigne revealed that the boots were previously on display at the David Beckham Academy, adding another layer to their provenance.

He explained that when the academy closed, some members of staff were lucky enough to acquire memorabilia, so these iconic boots came up for auction. The sale of Beckham's golden boots is testament to his lasting influence on the world of soccer.

It also highlights the growing collectibles market for sports memorabilia, where items associated with legendary figures such as Beckham command significant prices. A few days ago, Novak Djokovic's racket with which he won his first Roland Garros was sold for over 100 thousand dollars. Sports collecting is becoming more and more popular over time.

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