Ten Hag's Bold Claim: Manchester United Not Fit for Consistency!


Ten Hag's Bold Claim: Manchester United Not Fit for Consistency!
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Manchester United's recent 3-0 defeat at home to Bournemouth has prompted manager Erik ten Hag to question the team's ability to maintain consistency. Following a commendable 2-1 victory over Chelsea, the team's lackluster performance against Bournemouth has raised concerns about their capacity to string together consecutive wins.

Ten Hag's Reflection on Team's Performance

Erik ten Hag did not mince words in his post-match analysis, pointing out the squad's shortcomings in maintaining a consistent performance level. "I think, as a squad, we are not good enough to be consistent and we have to work as a squad to improve that," Ten Hag stated.

His comments highlight the need for the team to develop resilience and a winning mindset, especially in a league as competitive as the Premier League. "As a group, we have to improve, we have to get tougher, be ready for the game, from the start." The Manchester United manager emphasized the importance of being prepared and aggressive from the start of each game.

"If you are not playing at the highest levels, because you get killed," he said, acknowledging the high stakes and intensity of the Premier League.

A Crucial Week Ahead

The defeat to Bournemouth marks the sixth loss for Manchester United at Old Trafford this season, a statistic that adds pressure to the team as they face a demanding week ahead.

With crucial matches against Bayern Munich in the Champions League and a trip to Anfield to face Premier League leaders Liverpool, United's resolve and ability to bounce back will be put to the test. Ten Hag expressed his frustration and disappointment with the team's performance, especially in light of their recent victory over Chelsea.

"I expected something different," he admitted, reflecting on the team's inability to capitalize on their previous win. "I hoped before the game you can build on but the performance and result from Chelsea, so it's very disappointing.

After the 2-0, we broke down so we have to do things better. The way we started is no good, that is poor, it's first five minutes of the game and especially against an opponent like today, very good transition team, you give them perfect circumstances, it shouldn't happen but we did everything to turn in the game, we had a lot of attacks, we didn't come to a point to turn the game although we had opportunities.

I have to prepare the team so they are ready for the game. From my point of view I'm very disappointed with the way we started and we have to be better." Looking forward, Ten Hag acknowledges the challenges and insists on the need for better preparation and consistency.

"We are really inconsistent," he said, highlighting the team's potential but also the imperative need for improvement. "We have the abilities to do it, but you have to do it every game and every third day."

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