Fernando Alonso Dreams of Teaming Up with F1 Maestro Adrian Newey!


Fernando Alonso Dreams of Teaming Up with F1 Maestro Adrian Newey!
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Driver Fernando Alonso has openly expressed his desire to work with one of the sport’s most revered figures, design guru Adrian Newey. Newey, known for his groundbreaking car designs, has been instrumental in Red Bull Racing's recent dominance, including Max Verstappen's championship victory in 2023.

This win adds to Newey's impressive tally, bringing his total to 12 constructors' titles and 13 drivers' crowns, a legacy spanning his time at Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull. The list of drivers who have achieved title glory in Newey-designed cars reads like a who's who of Formula 1 legends, including Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve, Mika Hakkinen, Sebastian Vettel, and the recently victorious Verstappen.

Alonso, a two-time world champion himself, has never had the opportunity to drive a Newey-designed car in Formula 1, despite coming close on several occasions.

Mutual Respect and Missed Opportunities

During an appearance on the "Beyond The Grid" podcast earlier this year, Newey expressed his admiration for Alonso, naming him as one of the two drivers he would have loved to collaborate with.

“Working with Fernando or Lewis [Hamilton] would have been fabulous, but it never happened,” Newey remarked, attributing the missed opportunity to circumstance.
Responding to Newey’s comments, Alonso reflected on the near misses they had in working together.

He recalled his involvement in Newey's book launch in Spain, where he wrote the foreword, describing Newey as a "legend of the sport" and an "incredible person." Alonso shared his happiness at being able to compete in an era dominated by Newey's designs, even though they have not directly worked together.

The Spaniard also humorously noted Newey's influence in the sport, saying, “He’s responsible for 19 drivers for two decades not to win championships!”
This comment highlights the competitive nature of Formula 1, where the combination of driver skill and car design can make all the difference.

Alonso's admiration for Newey and his wish to one day work with the design icon reflect the deep respect and aspirational goals that drive the world of Formula 1

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