José Mourinho Reveals Man United's Deep-Rooted Issues

José Mourinho, the renowned football coach, recently shared his candid thoughts about his time at Manchester United

by Faruk Imamovic
José Mourinho Reveals Man United's Deep-Rooted Issues
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José Mourinho, the renowned football coach, recently shared his candid thoughts about his time at Manchester United, revealing the challenges he faced and his perspective on the club's future. His tenure at United, marked by significant achievements, continues to be a topic of interest and analysis in the football world.

Assessing Challenges and Changes at United

Mourinho, who managed Manchester United from 2016 to 2018, reflected on his journey with the club during an appearance on John Obi Mikel's Obi One podcast. He won the Europa League and Carabao Cup in his first season and led the team to a second-place finish behind Manchester City in the 2017-18 season.

Despite these successes, Mourinho pointed out fundamental issues within the club.

"There are still people in that club, and when I say people I mean some players but also some other people that are not players, that are still there when I told [United] after two months: With these people, you are never going to do it.

And they are still there," Mourinho disclosed.

This statement underscores the complexities Mourinho encountered during his tenure, suggesting unresolved issues within the team's dynamics and management. Additionally, Mourinho shared an anecdote about a player's reaction to being substituted at United, leading him to adapt his managerial approach.

He recounted how the player's agent accused him of bullying, a situation that prompted him to reconsider his methods.

Mourinho's Current Focus and Future Aspirations

Currently the coach of Roma since the 2021-22 season, Mourinho expressed his desire to continue his work with the Italian club beyond his contract's expiration in June 2024.

Despite Roma's recent 2-0 defeat to Bologna, leaving them seventh in Serie A, Mourinho remains committed to the team.

"I am frustrated by many things -- but none of those are stronger than my feelings of closeness to this club," he stated.

Mourinho emphasized his preference for working with young talents over players who don't contribute positively. He mentioned the example of not being able to sign top players like Romelu Lukaku and his preference for nurturing young talent instead.

His dedication to Roma is evident, even as he acknowledges his interest in working in Saudi Arabia in the future, having previously turned down an offer from the Gulf nation.

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