Rey Mysterio praises Seth Rollins for being a great critic


Rey Mysterio praises Seth Rollins for being a great critic
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During Konnan's podcast, Rey Mysterio spoke about the evolution of wrestling and the changes that have taken place. Comparing the wrestling scene 20 years ago and now, it can be noticed that there have been changes. Rey Mysterio believes that positive and precisely directed criticism can really help every wrestler. Rey cited Seth Rollins as an example. Mysterio has a huge respect for Rollins, considering that he is a person who knows how to look at certain things and then send criticism that can make you better. When you have such personalities within the company, then you certainly have a great chance of success.

“Overall, the evolution of the sport has changed dramatically. There is some ballbusting between the guys that get along in that way. Overall, there are certain talent that sits by the monitor and kind of views the matches as they are going along. There is respected criticism by that certain talent watching it."- he said, as quoted by!

Rey Mysterio on Seth Rollins

"One of the guys that likes to sit down and critique matches is Seth Rollins. He’ll sit down, but if you come back from your match and ask Seth, especially if he was sitting down by the monitor, ‘What did you think of the match? What do you think I can do better?’ He would critique you in a good way and that would help you learn how to grow. Dominik is one of those guys, when he comes back, who gets critiqued by Seth because he always sees Seth by the monitor before he comes out and when he comes back. That’s good criticism.”

Not only Rey Mysterio has words of praise for Seth Rollins, but also many others from the wrestling scene. He is a person who enjoys his work, is dedicated, and likes to follow the work of other wrestlers.

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