Kurt Angle's thoughts on whether CM Punk would have succeeded during the Attitude Era


Kurt Angle's thoughts on whether CM Punk would have succeeded during the Attitude Era
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The Q&A edition of The Kurt Angle Show was an opportunity for Kurt Angle to comment on current topics in the wrestling scene. A lot has been happening in the last few days, and CM Punk has certainly always been a hot topic among wrestling fans and legends. His return to WWE caused a lot of reactions, and the expectations from this great wrestler are huge. Kurt Angle gave his opinion on whether CM Punk would have a chance with the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression Era wrestlers. Angle obviously has a great opinion of CM Punk and his career.

"I think he would have fared well. He might have gotten beat up by Bob Holly (he laughs). Punk has a little bit of a reputation of not agreeing with everything, but I will tell you this. He's very talented, he cuts incredible promos, and I think he would have done really well in the Attitude Era.”- Angle said, as quoted by wrestlingnews.co!

Kurt Angle on The Undertaker and ribs

Kurt Angle stressed that The Undertaker was clear about not enjoying or participating in ribs, emphasizing, 'Angle. I don't rib and I don't like to be ribbed, so never rib me.' Angle respected his wish and refrained from playing any jokes on The Undertaker. This was taken seriously among their colleagues; when Undertaker mentioned it on a plane, everyone agreed to respect his request. Angle admired Undertaker's honesty and highlighted their strong friendship, noting how they've stayed in touch and maintained their relationship over time. Angle values their enduring friendship and appreciates staying connected with The Undertaker.

Both are great wrestlers who have done so much for wrestling and for new generations of wrestlers. The fact is that without them WWE would look very different. The mark they left will always be there.

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