The president of Barcelona reacted to the victory of Real Madrid: Shameful!


The president of Barcelona reacted to the victory of Real Madrid: Shameful!
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Barcelona's president, Joan Laporta, has accused the referees of favoring Real Madrid in their 3-2 victory against Almeria.

In the match, Real Madrid initially trailed 2-0 at home against Almeria but managed to come back and secure a 3-2 win. The use of VAR was notable in the game, and Almeria claimed that the referees treated them unfairly.

Joan Laporta reacts

In response, Joan Laporta, Barcelona's president, expressed his dissatisfaction, saying, "Shame. What happened at the Bernabeu is really regrettable. I believe that this panel of referees needs to be accountable for the undue pressure affecting their judgments."

Laporta continued, emphasizing the importance of a response from the referees, stating, "If they remain silent, it puts all of us in an uncomfortable position. We must acknowledge that everyone is simply doing their job."

After addressing the contentious match, Laporta reflected on Barcelona's own victory, saying, "While I'm pleased with our triumph, it's unfortunate that our competitors did not face defeat due to questionable decisions made by the VAR referees."

The question now is whether Real Madrid will respond to Laporta's accusations and what their potential response might be. The global discussion surrounding the events of the Real Madrid match continues to captivate the attention of football enthusiasts worldwide. We will see if there will be a reaction primarily from Perez's side.

Barcelona is still in the running for the title, hoping to achieve success similar to the previous season. Xavi's team has been playing well this season, and they are still in the fight for the title. Real Madrid also aims to win La Liga, but Girona poses a challenge to them. The Spanish team, performing exceptionally in the championship, has not shown any decline in form as anticipated, and they continue to compete for the title. The competition for the championship will be interesting right until the very end.

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