Jurgen Klopp reveals his plans for the future after leaving Liverpool


Jurgen Klopp reveals his plans for the future after leaving Liverpool
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Liverpool fans were surprised by the news of Jurgen Klopp's departure at the end of the season after more than eight years with the team. 

The German expert shocked everyone with his decision, given that he has been at the club for 9 years and it looked like he could spend the next 10 years at this club. However, he had somewhat different plans regarding his future, and it is obvious that he does not see himself in a managerial role soon.

The 56-year-old German coach explained that he lacked the energy for the job and plans to take a year off. Klopp and his wife Ulla Sandrock are building a house in Wiesbaden, where Klopp has connections from his time with Mainz 05.  

Klopp is obviously tired. Leading such a club means having enormous pressure and stress day in and day out. Liverpool is also in the fight for the Premier League title this season. Many fear that this kind of decision by Klopp can damage the situation in the team and prevent Liverpool from lifting the Premier League trophy once again.

Jurgen Klopp and his future

As a new grandfather, Klopp wants to be close to his grandson during the early years. Despite speculation about his future, Klopp has stated he won't work in England or coach any team other than Liverpool.  

One of the options is Bayern Munich. Some believe that Klopp will continue his coaching career at Bayern Munich. These are still just rumors, and there is no official confirmation. The fact that the Bavarian giant is not playing very well only adds to such rumors.

He emphasized that nothing could change his decision to leave, even though his contract with Liverpool was originally until 2026. Klopp leaves behind a successful tenure, winning seven trophies, including the Premier League and Champions League.

He is the person who brought Liverpool back to the winning path. His departure will certainly be felt in the performances of this club. His successor could be known soon.

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