Kevin De Bruyne discusses the possibility of coaching post-retirement

"I took my coaching degree with Belgium. I must say, when I trained the Under-15s at City for 10 training sessions, I quite enjoyed it.."- De Bruyne said.

by Sead Dedovic
Kevin De Bruyne discusses the possibility of coaching post-retirement
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Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne still hasn't thought about his future. Although his contract expires in a year and a half, it is not known what the Belgian's intentions are. De Bruyne is focused on performances at Manchester City, and nothing else interests him at the moment. Although he has spoken with his family about the future, De Bruyne emphasized that he wants to help the team achieve its goals.

"I'm fully focused on football. I’ve not really thought about what happens after. Obviously, you think about situations, you speak to your wife, to your family. But I've got 18 months left on my contract, I'm happy. It's easy for me to focus on football, and as long as I feel good and feel happy, then there's nothing really to think about. But we’ll see what happens."- De Bruyne said, as quoted by

There is a lot of talk about De Bruyne being a great coach. Looking at his performances on the field and the vision he has, no one doubts that the Belgian would do well in such a role. However, the City midfielder is still not sure if he will continue his career as a coach. His wife noticed that De Bruyne has the potential to become a coach. The Belgian emphasized that he had the opportunity to train Manchester City's young team.

"I don't know. My wife thinks yes. I'm not too sure. I think she has maybe a better view of what I'm good at than that myself.
I took my coaching degree with Belgium. I must say, when I trained the Under-15s at City for 10 training sessions, I quite enjoyed it.
But being a coach for a first team, at a team like City, is a different prospect. I'm not quite sure yet if that's a good idea for me, but we'll see in the future. Maybe."

De Bruyne shared that he wants people to like the way he plays football, describing it as straightforward and to the point, much like his approach to life.  Football fans believe that De Bruyne is currently the best midfielder in the world. The Belgian showed it season after season. It's incredible how calm and focused De Bruyne is on the field. It's also interesting that he sees things that many footballers wouldn't. This is what makes him a special and great midfielder.

He doesn't rely on flashy dribbling skills but believes others can still enjoy his game from a different perspective. The midfielder sees himself as a positive player, understanding that not everyone may like him, but he's fine with that.  Regardless of whether you like him or not, many will admit that De Bruyne is currently one of the best footballers in the world. Manchester City is a completely different team when he is not on the field.

He takes pride in bringing joy to some people and hopes to be an example, even though he knows he can't change everyone's opinions, and he's okay with that too.

Pep Guardiola on Kevin de Bruyne

Recently, his coach, Pep Guardiola, spoke about Kevin de Bruyne in superlatives. The Spanish manager emphasized that De Bruyne is an important player for the team. Pep is especially happy that De Bruyne is back after a long period of recovery. The Spanish manager is also impressed by Kevin's dedication and motivation. He showed that he has a great desire to return and help his team achieve their goals this season.

Pep Guardiolas Motivational Talk Leads to Citys Victory
Pep Guardiolas Motivational Talk Leads to Citys Victory© Getty Images Sport/Richard Heathcote

This great midfielder has shown many times in the past that he is ready to help the team when it is most difficult. Football fans can certainly remember various moments when the situation was hopeless for Manchester City. In those moments, Kevin de Bruyne would appear and either send a great ball or score a great goal. His importance for City is difficult to describe. It is interesting that although many people know him as a quiet guy who does not like to stand out too much, Guardiola points out that Belgian is a great leader and an example for younger players. His leadership skills may not be so noticeable on the field, but in the locker room the story is different.

"I think his leadership is proven on the pitch, a person like this. He is so friendly, and he is not a player who will talk a lot before a game, but he proves a real leader when we play. We have had a lot of characters and big personalities in the team for many, many years. Kevin is a big personality, of course.