Cristiano Ronaldo returns to United, sparks hope to revive glory days


Cristiano Ronaldo returns to United, sparks hope to revive glory days

In a histrionic turn of event with less than 3 days left to close out the Summer transfer window, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese soccer legend, would return to the British football club that had turned him from a skinny teenager back in 2003s to a Ballon d’Or winner in less than five years, sparkling widespread euphoria among Manchester United fans.

Although, financial terms of the deal of a Ronaldo move from Juventus to Man Utd had yet to be disclosed, the EPL top-flight football club’s official app had reported earlier on Friday that the five-times Ballon d’Or winner would come back into his treasured Old Trafford after leaving the football club in a great shape 12 years earlier, as fans are looking forward to recoup their glory days.

Nonetheless, it is whispered in the transfer market that Juve had agreed to a €28 million bid from United for the 36-year old centre forward who had joined the club as a back-up for winger David Beckham early in the 2000s, while Ronaldo had reportedly settled to a wage of £480,000 ($660,778) a week.

Nevertheless, United fans would highly unlikely to bother about any of that over the soccer genius, who in a Champions League away match against United with Real Madrid in 2013, had refused to celebrate after knocking United off the tournament.

Ronaldo to re-join United after 12 long years

However, a Ronaldo move to Manchester from Turin had been mired with sheer uncertainties, as there had been widespread rumours in recent weeks that the Portuguese forward might join rival Man City under Pep Guardiola, who had a history of deep rivalry when mentoring Barcelona against the Spanish soccer giant Real Madrid, where the Portuguese megastar had achieved four Ballon d’Or titles between 2009 and 2016, triggering a series of wild emotions among United fans.

Though, another Man Utd football giant, Wayne Rooney had told earlier in the week that it would be highly unlikely for Ronaldo to make a move into Manchester City adding he would have never agreed to make a move into Liverpool or local rival City.

Between Cristiano’s EPL debut back in the August of 2003 and his final appearance for United in May 2009, French soccer star Thierry Henry only had managed to net more times (92) than the then-immature Ronaldo’s reckoning of 84.

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