Wall St. in a wobbling trickle after Saudi attacks, energy stocks rise

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Wall St. in a wobbling trickle after Saudi attacks, energy stocks rise

On Monday, the 16th of September 2019, all three key indexes of Wall St. failed to post gains after mass casualties on Saudi Aramco following Iran-backed Houthi led drone attacks on two of its facilities which had rubbed out more than half of the oil-dependent Kingdom’s daily production output, meanwhile added to further investors’ woes amid global slowdown concerns.

Nonetheless, Wall St. had weathered impacts of Saudi attacks much better than other global bourses as investors in Wall St. had now been hoping for an aggressive rate-cut policy, as United States and Iran seemed to be at the blink of an imminent military confrontation, while US President Donald Trump had already tweeted earlier on Monday (September 16th) that the United States had been fully prepared for a full-fledged military retaliation.

As a response, a spokesman for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard had been quoted saying on early Asian trading hours that almost all of the American military forces deployed around Saudi Arabia to ramp up its defence had been within ranges of Iranian ballistic missile attacks for the moment being, which added to further investors’ worries.

Meanwhile, adding that United States’ response to Saudi attacks led US investors to push back for further risk assessment, a founder of Kenny’s Commentary LLC and Strategic Board Solutions LLC in NY, Peter Kenny said on Monday’s (September 16th) market closure, “The drone strike in Saudi has had an impact on how investors are looking at the security and stability of the global energy supply chain and is fuelling a degree of risk reassessment.

” Quoting statistics, on Monday’s (September 16th) Wall St. closure, Dow fell 0.52 per cent to end at 27,076.82 and S&P 500 shed 0.31 per cent to settle down at 2,997.96, yet not far from its all-time-high record daily closure, while Nasdaq fell 0.28 per cent to 8,153.54 on Monday’s (September 16th) market wind down.