Wall St. extends record closing high as Beijing comment fuels up trade hope

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Wall St. extends record closing high as Beijing comment fuels up trade hope

On Monday, the 4th of November 2019, at a remarkable evening in the Wall Street, all three major US indexes had scored record closing highs, extending their latest winning streak over sheer optimism of a looming Sino-US trade deal scheduled to take place by mid-November.

In point of fact, all three key indexes of Wall St. opened Monday (November 4th) market in an upscaled note following riant comments of Beijing over a plausible interim trade deal alongside a cease-fire in 16-month-long Sino-US trade row in a near-term outlook, as Beijing was quoted saying earlier on Monday (November 4th) that the US President Donald Trump alongside Chinese President Xi Jinping had been in close contact over the weekend on when and where the interim trade deal would be signed.

Aside from that, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s comments over the weekend in a Bloomberg interview that special permits for US suppliers to send US-made critical tech equipment to China’s tech conglomerate and world’s No.

1 telco gear maker, Huawei Technologies, would begin soon, had added to further bullish wing to investors’ optimism of a nearing Sino-US trade deal. Citing statistics, on Monday’s (November 4th) Wall Street wrap-up, the Dow gained 0.42 per cent to a record closing high of 27,462.11, S&P 500 added 0.37 per cent to extend its best-ever closing highs to 3,078.27, while Nasdaq composite surged 0.56 per cent to 8,433.20, topping its previous all-time closing high.