Trade deal hopes, health stocks drive Wall Street higher

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Trade deal hopes, health stocks drive Wall Street higher

On Friday, the 15th of November 2019, main indexes of Wall St. held forth at a record high, flared up by fresh optimism of a trade deal following upbeat comments from White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow and US Commerce Ministry’s Wilbur Ross, while large gains of big-league healthcare companies had added further bullish wave on Friday’s (November 15th) rally.

In point of fact, White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow was quoted saying late on Thursday (November 14th) that US was getting closer to rubber stamp an interim deal with Beijing which in effect kept global financial markets fuelled up on Friday (November 15th), while US Commerce Ministry’s Wilbur Ross said earlier on Friday (November 15th) that US and China were having extended trade talk on Friday (November 15th) in a bid to put an end to their gruelling trade spat that largely coincided with Kudlow’s comments and had added to investors’ optimism.

Meanwhile, referring to an en masse evaporation of uncertainty regarding a trade deal, a chief investment officer of Private Wealth at Glenmede in Philadelphia, Jason Pride said on Friday’s (November 15th) market wrap-up, “Today is definitely about optimism surrounding the trade tensions.

It’s definitely been a big source of volatility over a fairly long period of time for the markets and stocks in general. To see some sort of resolution of it would probably be a lift to investors and to equity holders because it takes away a big piece of uncertainty in many investors’, and even corporate executives’, minds.

” Citing statistics, on Friday’s (November 15th) Wall St. wrap-up, all three key indexes of Wall St. had reached record closing highs as Dow gained 0.80 percent to 28,004.89, S&P surged 0.77 per cent to 3,120.46, while Nasdaq added 0.73 per cent to round off Friday’s (November 15th) market at 8,540.83.