S&P 500, Dow button up fresh highs as new coronavirus cases drop

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S&P 500, Dow button up fresh highs as new coronavirus cases drop

On Wednesday, the 12th of February 2020, all three key indices of Wall St. clocked solid gains after a top Chinese health adviser had confirmed there had been fewer new cases of coronavirus infections, while the benchmark S&P 500 alongside Dow had notched an all-time high over optimism that China Wuhan coronavirus epidemic had been en route to being contained.

If truth is to be told, Wednesday’s (February 12th) Wall St. rally was mostly gravitated by a robust remark of China’s top health advisor who was quoted saying that Wednesday (February 12th) had reported the lowest number of new coronavirus cases in 14 days, suggesting that the epidemic had surpassed a threshold or plateau level and would likely to ease further over the coming days.

Meanwhile, citing cautious optimism on China demand outlook, a chief investment officer at Cetera Investment Management, Gene Goldman said on Wednesday’s (February 12th) Wall St. closure, “There’s optimism that coronavirus cases have started to slowdown but markets have not really factored in the effects of coronavirus on the Chinese economy.

” Quoting statistics, on Wednesday’s (February 12th) Wall St. round off, S&P rose by 0.42 per cent to 3,371.99 to score another record closing high, Dow gained 0.61 per cent to 29,455.57, while extending its record-setting rally, Nasdaq climbed 0.71 per cent to wrap up Wednesday’s (February 12th) Wall St. at 9,707.31.