Wall St. falls further as US reports first coronavirus case in Northern California

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Wall St. falls further as US reports first coronavirus case in Northern California

On Wednesday, the 26th of February 2020, trade-sensitive Dow and S&P 500 had witnessed another day deep down in the reds, as the benchmark Standard & Poor 500 had recorded its fifth straight day of losses, nonetheless, Wednesday’s (February 26th) losses in the Wall St.

were less steeper as investors appeared to be assessing an in-depth economic fallouts of coronavirus outbreak instead of freaking out over a gauge of menacing media headlines. In point of fact, at a day of sheer volatility in the Wall St., S&P 500 alongside Dow had opened up Wednesday’s (February 26th) market in an upbeat tone as S&P 500 gained as much as 1.7 per cent in the morning session, nonetheless, the US stock index that accounted for roughly 44 per cent of entire stock market activities, S&P 500 fell sharply after the health officials of New York had made an announcement saying that they were observing 93 people who had recently visited China and could have been in contact with the virus, while the ongoing holocaust became more vociferous after United States had reported its first coronavirus case in Northern California origin of which could not be identified.

Meanwhile, adding that the markets were responding as it should in times of grave danger, a Chief Investment Officer for Commonwealth Financial Network, Brad McMillan said on Wednesday (February 26th), “The market’s default reaction function is when in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

That’s what we’ve seen in the past couple of days. ” Quoting statistics, on Wednesday’s (February 26th) market wrap-up, Dow fell by 0.46 per cent to 26,957.59 and S&P 500 shed 0.38 per cent to 3,116.39, while tech-heavy Nasdaq rose by 0.17 per cent.