Wall St. ends barely higher as small-cap Russell 2000 hits record closing high

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Wall St. ends barely higher as small-cap Russell 2000 hits record closing high

On Tuesday, benchmark S&P 500 closed out session barely higher and trade-sensitive Dow alongside Nasdaq eked out marginal gains while a blowout rally of financial-heavy small-cap Russell 2000 shares, helped Wall St. wind up the day with moderate gains, clocking their third record closing highs in past five sessions.

In point of fact, in the day’s Wall Street, there had been a substantial scale of increase in investors’ caution ahead of an inauguration of a Biden Administration on January 20, while late in the day, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) was quoted saying in a statement that they had reasons to believe the pro-Trump Republicans were attempting major armed movement in state capital cities.

Besides, US Vice-President Mike Pence had signalled that he would not be invoking the 25th Amendment act which in effect would have handed out the US Cabinet the power to impeach Trump, spurring up heats further in Capitol hill.

Nonetheless, the day’s gains in the Wall Street were almost entirely prodded by a rise in investors’ craving for economically sensitive shares as a lion’s share of US investors were heavily betting on a recovery this year.

Apart from that, investors’ expectation over a larger stimulus pack under a Biden Administration alongside an even distribution of pandemic vaccine in an orderly manner had ushered in optimisms that financials and cyclical stocks would lead the year’s gain with an economy recovery in sight, lifting the small-cap Russel 2000 as much as 1.8 per cent higher.

Wall St. ends barely higher as small-cap Russell 2000 hits record highs

Citing statistics, in the day’s Wall Street closing bell, the trade-sensitive Dow advanced 0.19 per cent to 31,068.69 and benchmark S&P 500 added 0.04 per cent to 3,801.19, while tech-heavy Nasdaq rose 0.28 per cent to 13,072.43.

Meanwhile, addressing to an intransigent spike in investors’ caution over frets of further riots in Washington ahead of Trump’s departure from the Oval Office, a Chief market strategist at JonesTrading in Stamford, Connecticut, Michael O’Rourke said, “Reports highlight the fact that there’s still a lot of issues in this country and we have a lot of progress to make before we can really go forward.