FINA cancels World Junior Swimming Championships in Russia

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FINA cancels World Junior Swimming Championships in Russia

It seems that the war in Ukraine will bring the worst for the people of Russia. Europe and the world decided at the outset to react and impose sanctions on the state of Russia, but it is not just about economic sanctions.

FIFA has decided to exclude Russia and Russian clubs from its competitions, and The International Swimming Federation FINA has decided to do just that. The FINA World Junior Swimming Championships to be held in August this year will be canceled if these conflicts continue.

It seems that Russia could have many more blows. “FINA remains extremely concerned with the continuing war in Ukraine and following ongoing consultation with athletes and stakeholders from the aquatics family, FINA can now confirm that the 8th FINA World Junior Swimming Championships (23 – 28 August) is cancelled and FINA will not be holding any future events in Russia if this grave crisis continues,” the statement reads.

FINA and Australian Swimming federation supports Ukraine

FINA has decided to support the Ukrainians in these difficult times and it seems that other unions will react the same way. “FINA reiterates its pledge to provide whatever practical support it can to members of the Aquatics family who are impacted by this situation and expresses its deepest sympathies and support to the people of Ukraine”.

Australia’s national swimming federation also supported this decision by FINA. In addition, FINA is expected to choose another country where the competition will take place so that swimmers have a guarantor "Swimming Australia strongly condemns the actions of the Russian government and is appalled by the developments in Ukraine," the federation said.

"We also want FINA to consider moving these events to alternative locations so that our swimmers have the opportunity to compete in a safe environment," he said of the cancellation of the FINA Junior Championships in Russia. Russia seems to be isolated from everyone if the war continues