Parents of women swimmers frustrated by transgender swimmer Lia Thomas


Parents of women swimmers frustrated by transgender swimmer Lia Thomas
Parents of women swimmers frustrated by transgender swimmer Lia Thomas

Trransgender swimmer Lia Thomas is the topic again. This time it seems that the "other side", ie the parents of the girls competing in the Ivy League, believe that their daughters are discriminated, given that Thomas is dominant and achieves good results.

“I remember being stunned that this was happening, and even more stunned that it went unreported and unwhispered among the talkative swimming community,” a mother of an Ivy League swimmer said in a recent interview with Women’s Declaration International.

“I asked my daughter if she was aware of the situation, and (at that point) she wasn’t. She quietly said: ‘That’s not fair.’ And the disappointment in her voice was clear." "But she perked up and said she was sure they would figure this out once everyone understands.

Oh how I wish her faith in those that have the power to make change had been well-placed”.

Parent's question

However, this is not the end. The parent asked the lawyer for an answer as to how it is possible for a trans person to compete in the women's category and the answer shocked him “I called a lawyer to ask how the law, women’s rights and Title IX might be handled in a case like this.

…" "I was trying to be respectful (with my) pronouns. I made it clear I didn’t want to offend, but pleaded that it seemed there was obvious conflict here for women who already had so much less opportunity in sport to now have to give places away to individuals who identify as women,” the Ivy League parent said.

“I was met with the single most stunning response I have ever received on any issue. I was told that the worlds biological and genetic had no business being in a discussion about ses and gender." "I was told Trans women are women.

They are women. They are girls, and that no language that minimizes that point should be tolerated. I was told that it was an offensive question and my language was out of date." "I was told that ses and gender are equally important and that the ACLU is actively removing sex from legal documentation.

I tried to gently prod at the preposterous arguments I was hearing and I was met with an absolute brick wall when she concluded that … the ALCU would never represent CIS women against women. I didn’t sleep that night."- the parent concluded.

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