Bronte Campbell: I support the boycott of Russia, but I feel for the Russian athletes

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Bronte Campbell: I support the boycott of Russia, but I feel for the Russian athletes

Bronte Campbell, a former Olympic swimmer and president of the Australian Swimmers Association, has backed a boycott of the competition in Russia, but hopes FINA will soon find an alternative location “The decision not to send our athletes to Russia is based on safety reasons first and foremost,” Buckley said, as quoted by theage “We would also like to see FINA consider relocating these events to alternate locations, so our swimmers have the opportunity to race in a safe environment”.

Campbell on FINA moves

Campbell believes that this move by FINA is correct, and that athletes must be provided with a safe place to compete “They put together a response over the weekend, we were aware of it, and we have no issues with and back the call.

It’s a safety issue but what Russia is doing is being widely condemned internationally and by swimmers themselves." "It’s definitely in line with how the athletes are feeling,” Campbell said. “We think sport exists in a vacuum, but it’s quite a powerful geopolitical tool.

Really happy with the call. If anything, the last few years have required us to be very flexible so there will be other opportunities not in Russia." "You want to be aligning with what your athletes and your country thinks is ethical”.

She has also decided to consolidate with Ukrainian athletes but with Russians who do not support their country's invasion. “It really does bring things into sharp focus. Sport is important but it’s as important as you make it.

You have people fighting for their life and their homeland. I feel so much for the Ukrainian athletes. “I also feel for the Russian athletes, I know many of them. I think it’s important, for me anyway, to separate what a country does to what the people believe and feel as well.

Sport has always been a place where people come together from all over the world, that’s been my experience”.