Women for America files civil rights complaint about transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas

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Women for America files civil rights complaint about transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas

Lia Thomas still seems to be a major problem in the world of sports. Women for America have filed a federal civil rights complaint against Lia Thomas, whom they believe does not belong to the women's category, and considers this case a great injustice.

“The future of women’s sports is at risk and the equal rights of female athletes are being infringed,” said Penny Nance, CEO and president of Concerned Women for America, as quoted by washingtontimes “We filed a formal civil rights complaint against UPenn in response to this injustice”.

Colleagues of Lia Thomas, parents and many prominent people from the world of swimming, have publicly rebelled against Lia’s competition in the women’s categories. Lia is currently breaking records, showing good results, which seems frustrating for young swimmers.

Ms Nance on Lia Thomas and her genetics

Ms. Nance, like many, believes that Lia has a genetically better predisposition, and that equality is not possible. “Any school that defies federal civil rights law by denying women equal opportunities in athletic programs, forcing women to compete against athletes who are biologically male must be held accountable,” Ms.

Nance said. UPenn Athletics provide support, and believe that Thomas has met all the prerequisites to be able to compete in the women's category. It seems that rebellions and petitions will not change things, and that Lia has won legally It is certain that the lawsuits will not stop, but it remains to be seen whether they will succeed “As a member of the NCAA, Penn is governed by the policies of the national governing body,” UPenn Athletics said in a Jan.

6 statement. “Lia Thomas has met or exceeded all NCAA protocols over the past two years for a transgender female student-athlete to compete for a women’s team. She will continue to represent the Penn women’s swimming team in competition this season”.