The swimmer's parents are against Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer

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The swimmer's parents are against Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer

Criticism of Lia Thomas seems to never stop, but according to the rules, Thomas has the right to compete in the women's category because she has met the conditions. The swimmer's parents are furious because Lia has the right to compete.

“My daughter swam against Lia at Yale this year and it was just a miserable experience all around,” one mother said to The Post. “We are literally bending over for male privilege. It’s humiliating”.

Many believe that Lia has a genetic predisposition to be better than others and that is why she achieves great results. The mother of one swimmer shares her opinion with the majority, “She still believed she could still beat Lia.

Then competition came and Lia turned her whole speed on. Lia’s tall but it’s not only height. Look at the length of her arms. They are almost a foot longer than the girls”. Martina Navratilova believes that hormone therapy cannot change what is acquired at birth.

“Imagine being a biological female going up against Lia,” Martina Navratilova told The Post. “A top woman swimmer has to literally be unbelievable to beat an average male swimmer who identifies as female.

The hormone suppression therapy doesn’t mitigate the advantage they have over biological women”.

Caitlyn Jenner on Lia Thomas

And a few months ago, Caitlyn Jenner was the first to publicly express dissatisfaction and reveal her opinion; “I’ve said from the beginning, biological boys should not be playing in women’s sports,” Jenner said.

“We need to protect women’s sports”. “[Lia Thomas] is also not good for women’s sports. It’s unfortunate that this is happening. I don’t know why she’s doing it. She knows when she’s swimming she’s beating the competition by two laps."

"She was born as a biological boy. She was raised as a biological boy. Her cardiovascular system is bigger. Her respiratory system is bigger.