Former Olympian running for the Senate on the importance of the Lia Thomas case

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Former Olympian running for the Senate on the importance of the Lia Thomas case

Eli Bremer, a former Olympian, and Republican, spoke to fox sports about women's rights and the lack of involvement of Michael Bennett, a Democrat. "This is a lethal issue for Michael Bennett because historically Democrats have said that Republicans are the ones who don’t stand up for women, but the tables are completely turned now," Bremer told Fox News Digital.

"I am a Republican who helped lead the efforts to end sesual abuse in the Olympics, and now I’m leading on this issue." "Michael Bennett refuses to stand with women. This could be a defining issue in the November election."

Bremer believes that Lia Thomas has genetic advantages that affect the results and that such things are not fair. "I think most Democrats know this is wrong," Bremer said. "The Left is looking more and more absurd when they come out and say Lia Thomas has no advantage.

You can’t deny that a biological male has an advantage, especially post-pubescent." "I will say that federal legislation should be based on biology, not identity," the candidate insisted.

Jon Caldara on Lia Thomas

Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, a Colorado-based think tank, also opposes Lia Thomas ’participation in the women’s category.

"I feel very comfortable in saying that while there’s a lot of support for people who are transitioning, there’s just not the same support for hurting little girls in sports," Jon Caldara said. "This is an unfair competition.

Lia Thomas – the guy was something like 440th in the nation as a young man and number 1 as someone who identifies as a woman." "For people who say they’re concerned for equity, there’s no equity in that," Caldara added.

"That’s just cruel. It’s anti-female. I think girls deserve to have their own sports, and I think most of Colorado does, too." An interesting situation that has been going on for months.