Michael Phelps: Childhood, fear of water, parental divorce, alcoholism

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Michael Phelps: Childhood, fear of water, parental divorce, alcoholism

Not much should be said about Michael Phelps, as he is considered one of the greatest athletes, and someone who has broken many records. Although Phelps is a successful athlete and a top man, his childhood was not as easy as it seems to most.

Namely, Phelps grew up in a family of divorced parents, and he did not have much love for his father because he left him and his mother. The main figure he needed was missing. Such a situation in the family leads many to problematic behavior such as; alcohol use, drugs, violence, etc, and it moves away many from sports, but it seems as if it caused resentment in Phelps and as if he wanted to show his father how good he will be.

One of the fears he had was the fear of water. It's really interesting what kind of stories life writes. However, he quickly got rid of that fear, and realized that swimming was his greatest love. To this day, the sport has remained his greatest love.

Phelps professional career

Already as a boy and junior he showed extreme maturity and quality, and it was clear that he was a great talent, but he started his professional career in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics. He finished sixth, and some thought it was his maximum.

But Phelps denied many and achieved what he himself could not imagine. 29 medals, of which 24 gold! Michael Phelps also had mental problems, he started drinking alcohol and it looked like he could end his career. Of course, the big stage brings its misfortunes; excessive expectations, pressure, responsibility, it all affected his mental life.

Yet Phelps has defeated his 'demons' and proved to be one of the greatest in the world, and it must be admitted that today's sport lacks swimmers like Phelps. He managed to defeat his demons, his opponents, and all those who doubted him. What a story!