World Swimming Championships 2022: the final medal table

USA wins the medal table ahead of China and Italy

by Lorenzo Ciotti
World Swimming Championships 2022: the final medal table

The 2022 World Swimming Championships in Budapest officially closed yesterday. USA won the medal table, ahead of China and Italy. China made a super record, in diving. Chinese Yang Jian gives his nation 13th gold out of 13 races in the diving program.

2nd the Japanese Tamai 488.00, 3rd the other Chinese Yang Hao 485.45. 4th the Australian Rousseau 481.15, fifth the British Williams 479.05, sixth the Ukrainian Sereda 477.45. For China, which in Shanghai 2011 scored 10 out of 10, it is an en plein attempted since 2013 and always missed for just one gold.

The twelfth success came thanks to Chang Yani and Chen Yiwen who triumphed from the 3-meter synchro, the Olympic specialty springboard with 343.14 points over the Japanese and Australian duo, Germany below the podium and Canada fifth.

Italy also swam a crazy world championship, with the record of medals. The last Italian gold medal was won by Dario Verani ha, in the waters of Lupa Lake in the 25 km. After a marathon lasting over 5 hours, the blue burned the French Axel Reymond with a great sprint, while the bronze went to the Hungarian Galicz, Matteo Furlan seventh.

Sixth Italian medal coming from the bottom and it is the third Italian in history to be crowned world champion of open water swimming. Verani said: "The results were slow in coming and now I have a sense of lightness inside me.

It's like a liberation, I feel a hundred times lighter."


Team-Gold-Silver-Bronze USA 18-14-17
China 18-2-8
Italy 9-7-6
Australia 6-9-4
Canada 3-5-6
Japan 2-8-3
France 2-7-2
Ukraine 2-6-2
Germany 2-5-3
Hungary 2-2-1
Sweden 2-2-0
Brazil 2-1-2
Romania 2-0-0
Great Britain 1-4-6
Netherlands 1-1-3
Lithuania 1-0-1
Spain 1-0-1
Poland 0-1-1
South Korea 0-1-0
Greece 0-0-3
Austria 0-0-2
Malaysia 0-0-2
South Africa 0-0-1

China Italy