USA Swimming: "Lia Thomas would almost surely be unable to compete at NCAAs"

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USA Swimming: "Lia Thomas would almost surely be unable to compete at NCAAs"

A lot of noise has been made about Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer, and the response of USA swimming is still awaited. However, new information is coming to us. USA Swimming decided on Tuesday to change its transgender-eligibility policy, and the testosterone standard will be the main measure in the decision.

The swimmer will have to have a testosterone concentration of less than 5 nanomoles per liter, at least in 36 months. Three tests will be done in one year “USA Swimming has and will continue to champion gender equity and the inclusivity of all cisgender and transgender women and their rights to participate in sport, while also fervently supporting competitive equity at elite levels of competition,” said the organization, as quoted by washingtontimes
The USA Swimming policy also considers that “the prior physical development of the athlete as a Male, as mitigated by any medical intervention, does not give the athlete a competitive advantage over the athlete’s cisgender Female competitors”.

Lia Thomas

Apparently, after this Lia Thomas will not be able to perform, but there may be changes
“Following the letter of the law around this new rule, a transgender athlete such as Lia Thomas would almost surely be unable to compete at NCAAs, but it is unclear if the NCAA may allow Thomas to retain her eligibility because of the last-minute policy changes,” said David Rieder of Swimming World.

The question is when this will be adopted, but USA swimming is working to establish it
“USA Swimming acknowledges that at the time of adoption of this Policy, FINA is in the process of developing its own Gender Eligibility Rules,” said USA Swimming.

“When FINA Gender Eligibility Rules go into effect, the eligibility criteria in those FINA Rules shall replace any inconsistent eligibility criteria found [in] this Policy”. World Athletics has set a measure that also speaks everything
“No female would have serum levels of natural testosterone at 5 nmol/L or above unless they have DSD or a tumour,” said World Athletics in a 2018 statement.

“Individuals with DSDs can have very high levels of natural testosterone, extending into and even beyond the normal male range”.