Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas; The public's reaction to her

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Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas; The public's reaction to her

Lia Thomas is a famous swimmer, who caused a lot of reactions in the world of sports, after she decided to change her gender and compete in the women's competition. There are many who disagree with this, but there are also many who have provided support “I’ve continued to do the sport I love as my authentic self,” Lia Thomas said, as quoted by japantoday Schuyler Bailar used to swim with Lia Thomas and compete, and it is clear that he supports Thomas in her intentions “Lia is competing fairly, she has followed all the rules and she is a fantastic athlete,” he said.

“That’s why she’s doing great”. Sue Feldman believes that in some things Thomas has an advantage, but not completely “She’s followed all the rules that she’s supposed to follow,” said Sue Feldman “It’s hard when you have to play against somebody who is much better.

But she’s great in some things and in other events she’s not so great. If you’re playing sports, you have to expect that some people are going to be better than you”.

Iszac Henig and Jami Taylor on Lia Thomas

Yale swimmer Iszac Henig who also changed gender provided support “She’s an incredible athlete, I have a ton of respect for her, I think we’re lucky to have her in the league,” Henig said.

Jami Taylor believes that the public reaction to what Lia Thomas decided to do is quite expected, but it is clear that a lot of support has also reached her. “She’s asking for the scrutiny,” said Jami Taylor, a trans woman and professor of political science at Toledo “You’re a student at an Ivy League school, you should be smart enough to see that when you do that in the current climate of America, that this would blow up.

Is some of it unfair? Absolutely. But you kind of asked for it. You’re asking for scrutiny by being public”.