Rick DeMont: "I would like to talk to Kamila Valieva. I had the same fate"

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Rick DeMont: "I would like to talk to Kamila Valieva. I had the same fate"

Rick DeMont, a former Olympian, told his story and destiny similar to that of Kamila Valieva. As a 16-year-old, De Mont competed in the 1972 Olympics, where he swam in the 400m freestyle, but ephedrine was found in his asthma medication and he tested positive for doping.

His team seems to have made a big mistake then "I felt at that point in my life I went from the highest high to the lowest low in a day. It was overwhelming as a 16-year-old. It was more than I could handle," DeMont told Reuters "If she (Valieva) wants to talk to me I would like to talk to her," DeMont, now 65, said.

"Depending on what she thinks is important in life, she will be ok or, I should say, I hope she is ok." After all, DeMont was quite frustrated and dissatisfied "After Munich I was angry," he said. "I went from a positive type of person to a negative.

I was angry, pissed off, violent almost, and that got me through another year."


In 1973, he won the world title in Belgrade and broke the record, but that did not seem to help "I thought maybe breaking four minutes, getting a world record, beating the same people would make me feel better.

It made me a little bit better but didn't erase what it could never erase. "I went through a few depressing years, disillusioned, depressed, kind of lost. I was in a dark place." DeMont was happy for the support he received in his country at the time
"That's how long it took to get over it.

As for the Olympics it took at least 20 years when I could feel good about it," he said. "I had lots of support in my country from people who believed in me and supported me and helped me get through. Unfortunately, none of those were the people that caused the incident," he said.