Roger Federer is an actor in a commercial with Anne Hathaway!

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Roger Federer is an actor in a commercial with Anne Hathaway!

Roger Federer's fans are plenty of them waiting for him on the tennis court, which he has missed since the last edition of Wimbledon. For this reason, the former world number one is documenting his rehabilitation on social media: there are already several Instagram posts showing the physical condition of the Swiss.

Despite the positivity that transpires from his social networks, there are no certainties about his return: it could be Wimbledon 2022, as well as the US cement, to be sure not to damage his physique further. The great comeback could also take place in the Laver Cup, which announced a great comeback for this edition: that of the Fedal.

In the continent competition, both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will be representing Europe. Both confirmed their participation, with some doubts still on the Swiss.

Roger Federer actor in a commercial with Anne Hathaway

Federer is undoubtedly the symbol of Switzerland.

For this reason, the tennis player has been chosen several times as a testimonial for his country, becoming the protagonist of videos with a tourist purpose. If in the recent past, Robert De Niro accompanied him, another Oscar winner supported him in a new video, which showed the beauty of the Swiss landscape.

In the video with Robert De Niro, the pattern was that of a remote call, where Roger Federer tried to persuade the award-winning actor to accompany him in a commercial for Switzerland. Failing with words, the tennis player tries to show him a series of images of the Swiss landscape.

Although De Niro lacks pathos, the actor is convinced and wants to visit Swiss territory with Federer. For the new video, however, there is Anne Hathaway, one of the most famous actresses of the current American film scene and Oscar winner for Les Misérables.

Also in this case, the actress starred together with Federer in a commercial for Switzerland. When the two watch the filmed and finished, however, and claim to be little present in the spot, as they disappear from the Amazing Swiss landscape.