Will Riccardo Piatti be Emma Raducanu's new coach?

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Will Riccardo Piatti be Emma Raducanu's new coach?

Emma Raducanu is going through the most complicated period of her young career after forging ahead and winning her first Grand Slam at the US Open at 18 year-old. The British player has only won six games since her success in Flushing Meadows and lost a few matches by collecting less than 5 games.

Raducanu has received several criticisms for signing numerous sponsorship deals with some of the world's most famous companies, including Tiffany & Co., Dior, Porsche and Vodafone UK. According to some tennis fans, who have expressed their opinion through social networks, the tennis player born in 2002 would have given more weight to off-court factors than to the tournaments played.

Considering also her latest performances, Raducanu has decided to stop her collaboration with Iain Bates, a collaboration that lasted just five months and which did not bring the desired results. "I want to thank Torben for his coaching, professionalism and dedication in the last semester.

He has a huge heart and I appreciated our strong chemistry during our time together. But I feel that the best direction for my development is to move to a new training model."

A new coach of Emma Raducanu?

The champion of the 141st edition of the US Open is looking for a coach capable of giving her security from a tactical point of view and certainties related to the athletic side.

The indiscretion launched by the journalist Riccardo Bisti on April 5, according to the news published in the last few hours by the English newspaper The Telegraph, could soon become reality. According to Simon Briggs, one of the most influential tennis experts, Raducanu would have identified in Riccardo Piatti all the qualities necessary to make a difference in the WTA Tour.

The well-known Italian coach separated from Jannik Sinner and hosted the British at his Academy in Bordighera and, in the last few weeks, negotiations would have begun to find an official agreement. In England they are almost certain that the two will announce the new sporting collaboration in the next few hours.

"Piatti is considered a very knowledgeable coach," wrote Briggs. "A man who has worked with gaming legends like Novak Djokovic ‌ and Maria Sharapova and who has few rivals from technical experience. It would represent an upgrade from any of Raducanu's previous hires, that new training model she has long sought after."