Rafael Nadal furious at the press conference: Can you stop comparing him to me?

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Rafael Nadal furious at the press conference: Can you stop comparing him to me?

Rafael Nadal is a tennis player who should not be talked about too much. His results and successes say it all. Although he recently returned and showed how good he is, the injuries are the problem again. His time seems to be slowly coming to an end, but fans are waiting for a new Spaniard, 19-year-old Carlos Alcaraz, to break the records of the legendary Nadal.

Still, Nadal doesn’t seem to want Alcaraz to be compared to him.
"The only thing we can do is enjoy the career of an amazing player like Carlos and it will be better, even if it’s interesting, that you stop comparing him to me.

If he is able to win 25 Grand Slams, it’s going to be amazing for him and our country and I will be happy for him, but let’s let him enjoy his personal career.

Rafael Nadal on Carlos Alcaraz

Rafael Nadal believes that Alcaraz should build his career in his own way, and no one doubts his potential and skills.

"I enjoyed my personal career and I think I am super happy with the way I was able to manage my tennis career and it’s his moment now to manage his personal career the way he wants it." Rafael Nadal was also labeled as one of the greatest talents 20 years ago.

He met everyone’s expectations and built a great career. However, now some new faces are coming and some new names will dominate. Alcaraz has tremendous pressure on him, but he seems to be extremely mature and ready for the biggest successes.

“We cannot be all the time thinking about how I was and how he is today. He is what he is, and he is fantastic and probably in 2004 I will not say about myself that I was fantastic, but I think I was quite good too,” Nadal concluded.