Rafael Nadal after the defeat in Rome: "This is impossible"

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Rafael Nadal after the defeat in Rome: "This is impossible"
Rafael Nadal after the defeat in Rome: "This is impossible" (Provided by Financial World)

Rafael Nadal has to deal with bad luck and injuries. The twenty-one time winner of Grand Slam tournaments surrenders in three sets in the Round of 16 in Rome to Canadian Denis Shapovalov, who, after several knockouts, finally manages to beat his opponent.

However, encounter conditioned by the usual foot problem for Rafa with the tennis player who ended the match in the third set limping significantly. Nadal's adventure ends early and Rome's dream of seeing the semifinal between Rafa and world number one Novak Djokovic vanishes.

The Majorcan tennis player spoke disconsolately at the press conference: "The truth is that I am not injured, I am a tennis player who lives with an injury eternally. It is not new but unfortunately today was a difficult day.

I'm trying a lot, but it's hard and there are times like this where everything is hard. It's really frustrating that I can't train every day and I felt a lot of pain today, especially from the middle of the second set."

Rafael Nadal after the defeat in Rome: "This is impossible"

Rafa then explained: "I don't want to take away the merits of my opponent, Denis played well today and deserved the victory.

It's a permanent pain, sometimes more and sometimes less, but today it was crazy. I'd like to talk about tennis, but this is the reality. When you can't move well, everything is more difficult. It's also sad because I felt I had found a good condition, but now I don't know what to do, I don't know whether to train or stop again." About the Roland Garros Nadal said: "Going to Paris is my goal, I want to train without pain.

At this moment it is impossible for me to play like this, but maybe in a few days the things will get better. In Paris I will have the doctor next to me but today I am very sad. I have no choice but to accept all of this and fight to move forward. Paris is my dream."

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