Woodbridge: "The main favorite at Roland Garros is Novak Djokovic"

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Woodbridge: "The main favorite at Roland Garros is Novak Djokovic"

Todd Woodbridge believes that Novak Djokovic should be considered the main favorite for the final victory of the Roland Garros 2022. It was not an easy start on clay for the world number 1, only to make the exploit in Rome by winning the tournament without losing a single set.

In the capital, Djokovic looked the same as ever and Woodbridge thinks the Serbian is at the right point with his game. "What he started producing in Rome is reminiscent of what he did in previous years when he went on to win major titles," Woodbridge told the Australian Open website.

"I really think he has to start as a favorite, regardless of what Alcaraz did and what Nadal did in the past and also at the beginning of this year."

Woodbridge includes Tsitsipas in the title race

Carlos Alcaraz has had a great season on clay, winning in Barcelona and Madrid before the French Open.

Djokovic has much more experience than Alcaraz at the Grand Slam level and this is one of the reasons why Woodbridge leans more towards him than the young Murcian talent. "I think it's just too much pressure to put on someone his age," adds Woodbridge.

"He He can't be the favorite when he hasn't had any experience in the majors, because they are in the best of five sets; it's a completely different scenario than the three sets he played at the Masters level.

This will be the test to see if Alcaraz is following in Nadal's footsteps. I would be very surprised if he wins the French tournament. Sure, he will do a good performance, but for all of us in the tennis world it will be an opportunity to see what he is capable of.

If he manages to do something special, the young man will be making an extraordinary journey and it will be fun to watch." Even though Woodbridge believes Djokovic is the main favorite, he has mentioned Stefanos Tsitsipas as an outsider who can go all the way to Roland Garros: "I choose Tsitsipas. He is not the favorite, but I think he is the outsider who could take away a Grand Slam," concluded Woodbridge.