Novak Djokovic attacks the Wimbledon board

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Novak Djokovic attacks the Wimbledon board

Debut with victory for Novak Djokovic over Court Philippe Chatrier. In the evening session, the Serbian tennis player defeated the Japanese Yoshihito Nishioka in three sets: 6-3, 6-1, 6-0 the final result. In the press conference at the end of the match Nole said:"The night sessions are still quite new at Roland Garros, but this is the first time we have 100% capacity, so obviously it was fun," said the world number one in the press conference following the match.

"It's nice to have the whole crowd and I was lucky to be scheduled on Center Court due to the rain interruptions. I couldn't wait to get out on the track. I've been feeling really good on clay for the past three or four weeks.

Excited to compete against young people. I am happy to be back because Roland Garros is one of the biggest tournaments in the world and the memories of last year are still fresh in my head. It was nice to be back at Center Court "

The tough attack on Wimbledon

Inevitable the passage in the press conference on the decision of the ATP not to award points in this edition of Wimbledon, given those that the Serbian must defend on the London grass.

"On a personal level it has negatively affected me, I will not have the opportunity to play and defend my 2000 points at Wimbledon. So obviously on a personal level this affected me very badly. But these days I have been speaking with the management and the president of the ATP and some members of the board.

Overall, I'm happy that the players joined the ATP and showed the Grand Slam that when a mistake happens, and it happened on the Wimbledon side, then we have to show that there will be consequences." In the continuation of the press conference, Novak Djokovic also addressed the issue of solutions in the presence of Russians and Belarusians, revealing details about the British government and the ATP: "There are things I didn't know, for example, a few days ago I discovered that there was a document of recommendation from the British government to the All England Club, where there were several options.

There wasn't just one on the table. They didn't discuss it with anyone from the ATP or with any single player or really Russian or Belarusian players just to communicate and understand if there is a common ground where both sides could come to a compromise and something might work.

So I think it was a bad decision. I don't support it at all. But in these times it is a very sensitive issue and, whatever you decide, unfortunately it will create a lot of conflicts, a lot of separation instead of unification."

The Serbian tennis player, albeit on their side, does not spare the ATP and his decision not to award points for the third Grand Slam of the season. “I feel that even the ATP could have found a middle ground. They could have removed this year's points, but they could have frozen last year's, just like they did during the pandemic.

It's all quite unfair, I personally lost 4,000 points this year due to political decisions. So for me or for the players who did well last year, not only will we not have a chance to win points, but we cannot defend them.

It's a very unique and weird situation, I have to say. Of course, a Grand Slam is always a Grand Slam. Wimbledon for me has always been the tournament of my dreams when I was a child."