Guy Forget: "Rafael Nadal better than Michael Jordan and Pele"

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Guy Forget: "Rafael Nadal better than Michael Jordan and Pele"

Interviewed on the microphones of the French newspaper Le Parisien Guy Forget talked about Rafael Nadal and was quite decisive: "Rafael Nadal has achieved the greatest feat of this sport. He is superior to Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Pelé."

Forget also explains his statements simplifying: "Find someone on this Earth capable of winning 14 times the toughest tournament in the world, I think it's impossible or almost impossible to achieve. And look not only in tennis, but also in other sports, I tell you, there is none.

When Borg won Roland Garros six times and Pete Sampras won fourteen Grand Slams, we were thinking of something sensational and monstrous. Now Rafa Nadal has won the Roland Garros title 14 times. It is something unimaginable."

Forget then continues:" If someone had told me that Rafa would have won Roland Garros 14 times, I would never have believed it. It's something no one can imagine and I remember this streak isn't officially over yet.

Rafa's withdrawal? At the moment I exclude him and I hope he can return to Paris. I hope the pain in his foot will ease, but in general I think everyone around him knows what to do."

Forget about Nadal

A few days ago Rafael Nadal once again rewrote the history of tennis and sport in general.

In incredible conditions, under infiltrations and with an increasingly heavy foot problem, Rafa won his fourteenth Roland Garros and twenty-second career Grand Slam title. Crazy numbers and which according to many will be unrepeatable in the course of history.

In recent years Rafa has shared with Guy Forget part of this journey with Forget who was the director of the Paris tournament for many years. This year Guy was instead a columnist and commented on the extraordinary deeds of the Majorcan tennis player.