Wilander: "Rafael Nadal gets older the more I like to watch him play"

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Wilander: "Rafael Nadal gets older the more I like to watch him play"

After Rafael Nadal's 14th success at Roland Garros, an endless series of compliments rained down on the Majorcan tennis player from many of his colleagues and former tennis players on the circuit, who exalted yet another demonstration of excessive power over the land of the 22-time champion slam.

Among these, the former number one Mats Wilander also said words of esteem towards Nadal. The 7-time slam champion, in his column for the French newspaper L'Equipe, via the Spanish newspaper AS, said that seeing the 36-year-old Spaniard play is a pleasure.

The former Swedish tennis player and current Eurosport commentator compared Nadal's game with that of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer: "His tennis is much more fun than Djokovic's and Federer's. The older he gets, the more I enjoy watching him play.

We see that he trusts variations in him more than he did when he was 22 or 23."

Wilander's words

Specifically, Wilander reflected on the Spaniard's ability to hit the ball in an incredibly pure way: "With Roger, everything seems easy.

It is simple and aesthetic. Rafa is different: his true personality emerges when the racket hits the ball. Of course, the beginning and the end of the movement are not as smooth as with Roger. But the contact with the ball is so pure, his touch on the ball is so extraordinary that he always leaves me speechless," explained the former tennis player.

Finally, the former Swedish tennis player revealed that over time Nadal has been able to change his style of play, reaching today to have a type of tennis that creates uncertainty: "Before there was a repetitive aspect to the game of him.

We knew exactly how he would win most of the points and how he would finish the job 6-2, 6-2, 6-2. Now it creates uncertainty. What will he do next? It's like watching Federer when he was at his peak. I don't want to comment on his games anymore, I just want to watch him play."